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… Really? by sally
June 7, 2010, 2:59 am
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Man oh man. I feel as if this is some kind of emperor’s new clothes kind of scenario or something… It’s as if I’m the only person that thinks this, yet I can’t be the only person that thinks the Prada SS’10 lucite shoes are pretty rank (less pretty, more rank).

Just, eugh, really? And this is coming from someone who is really all for chandeliers and all things related to chandeliers and shiny things. I can’t be the only person that thinks this. And I’ve been seeing them popping up everywhere lately as some kind of beacon of gloriousness which I totally do not get. Most notably on Susie Bubble who I adore and on Luckiest Pair of Ho’s In The Entire World, Jane and Judy Aldridge.

And the same goes for those Stella McCartney meshy sandals that I just cannot get into.

Can’t we go back to that one time where everyone wore all things I liked and we all danced in a meadow with a unicorn being happy?



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i like the prada chandelier inspired shoes! I mean it all depends on how you wear them but I do think they would look better with black socks or stockings underneath them – depending of course on if you think its ok to wear socks with heels (which i do).

Comment by gul


socks with heels=good
socks with stupid lucite chandeliers of stupid=baaaad

😦 😦 😦

Comment by sally

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